Peace Orhestar – NOVI SAD ECOC


FROM NOISE TO SOUND by Nikola Macura

Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture 2022

The project is a cooperation between APORON 21 with the artist Nikola Macura, the Art Academy Novi Sad and the Museum of Vojvodian to improve contemporary artistic and musical bridges of peace and understanding between Austria, Serbia and the world.

Based on the shared musical history and different musical cultures, composers from Graz and Novi Sad creates new sounds for special instruments, to be live performed in a transcultural Orchestra concert with professional musicians. On the unique Instruments transformed from war equipments, unheard peace marches arise. In 3 mutual visits, the special instruments and the arrangements were tested and developed. On Styrian side, 1 composer, 4 musicians, a project manager and a artistic director are involved.

Results of the cooperation are a live concert in Novi Sad on 1.7.22 as a part of EcoC 22 and in Graz on 24.9.22 – as a part of “die prekARTe at Steirischer Herbst”), and the production of music videos. The visitor places at the concert in Novi Sad were fully occupied, the PR and media reactions were fully positive and were supported by the Foundation Novi Sad 2022. The cooperation of the musicians was successful and leads to sustainable developments of future colaborations, fostering the living exchange of art practice between Austria and Serbia for following generations.

Instruments: From Noise To Sound by Nikola Macura

Musicians: Milica Svirac, Viktor Palić, Julia Boroš, Werner Mandlberger, Nikla Macura, Boris Mihaljčić

APORON 21 Team: Igor F. Petković, Dominika Kalcher, Markus Schinnerl

Supported by: Foundation Novi Sad 2022, Art Academy Novi Sad, Museum of Vojvodina, Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade

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